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department removing the last major barrier to the proposed merger between american airlines and us airways. so what was this huge stumbling block could now become a steppingstone. today the government announcing that settlement in its lawsuit to block the merger, so what does it get in return? well, the merged airline says it will promise to reduce the number of flights it operates out of key airports like washington's reagan national and new york's laguardia. shares of american airlines, we do see it higher, it's amr as you see, and we have it up about $2.43, that's a 25% gain. lcc for low cost carrier up about a half a percent. joined live by bob crandall, a guy who knows the airline industry inside and out. he's the former president and chairman of american airlines. we'll get his take on today's announcement. talk about the airlines and if he thinks they're a good bet. it's a fox business exclusive. and in technology news apple's ipad mini with retina display went on sale today, apple had previously said it would go on sale this month. didn't give a specific date, but now it's out ther
have even gotten their figures on this. sunday we've found disturbing twitter refuse to give us a fox business interview today were they afraid reveal the business network that ask tough questions? we with the first business network to put them on the air in 2008 but this is the scene just as the stock went public. they tried not to look hysterical but it they were taking pictures. i get it our is quarter was one dash producer was escorted away. as a young life police cleaving they think independently now another business network could they figure out how to get out their message? we were right there watching all the action but nicole petallides, in my opinion it is studying how we were treated not a good sign they are ready for the big leagues steve mcbride way they should have accepted a nice offer from the fox business we are a leading this is the work week cover things clean and fair and there was no reason to say no. whether they want to do another network but why some of the fox business id we would have done an excellent job but that being said there was a huge crowd and
-term peace certainly has been bullish for stocks. n the u.s. as far as the consumer and the holidays are concerned? in buy on the rumor, sell on the news, and the good outcome from the iranian situation for the american consumers, this is going to lower the cost of gasoline which'll allow more discretionary income for those holiday gifts. i don't know if it'll come in time, but as you mentioned earlier coming in, it's worth keeping an eye on theecrude numbers, and that took a hit overnight. did a little bit of a bounce off the lows but still under some pressure -- liz: let me bring al and harry in here because we do have a rbob gasoline coming down a few pennies. >> yes, i think we're going to have quite a bit of pressure on the energy markets for the next several weeks, and from there even greater pressure going into the next six months. the peace talks that were going on, we're seeing movement forward which is great. i think we're going to see more movement forward as time goes on. we're also going to see a couple other things that are going to happen in the marketplace, in my opin
season. and here at toys r us, they opened up last evening, they every day counts because -- they say every day counts. they're trying to get as much out of this as they possibly can by opening up last night, 5:00. when you talk about the doorbuster deals, though, and you talk about the next couple of days, how much this meant or the last couple of days, retail federation says about 90 million people last year or shopped black friday, thanksgiving, representing some 4.3% of all holiday sales. they've been doing it since yesterday. ashley? ashley: and i can tell by the crowds behind you, are they looking at things, or are they actually buying? i guess that's the key. >> reporter: they are buying. we talked to one woman who was doing some holiday shopping for her kids, and so the toys in her cart were stacked up to about her. and then she came up to about here. [laughter] and she was taking it on the subway too. ashley: she is very, very brave, indeed, braver person than i. thank you so much for braving the crowds here in the times square area of new york. let's head out west now to rob
sort of buying opportunity. the real question for all of us is where are we going when we exit earnings season which is really not too far away? liz: i agree. again, you say that the bulls were pinned down by the bears earlier today. this was like buster douglas coming back from tyson. i know there are viewers who remember that fight. phil, you may or may not be one of them, but what is in the market psychology at the moment? i mean, this was a tiny dip. i'm with teddy on this. every dip no matter how small seems to be a buying opportunity even with the span of a couple of hours. >> yeah. and the day traders have beene, taking advantage of it. every time come down to about 16 50, that's been around your buy mark. 17630, that's your -- 1760, that's your sell mark. it's all a lot of taper talk, rumors here and there. if you look at earnings, there's been about 375 companies that have reported, 76% of them have beat what analysts' expectations were. the key is, do we get two or three economic numbers that, you know, either miss what the estimates are, or do they beat them exceptional? that
live in new york for los angeles and, of course, as long as you're using amazon. amazon in the u.s. postal service are teaming up to program will packages at no rollout more news as -- more u.s. cities. financial terms of the deal not disclosed just yet. expected to give the legal -- beleaguered postal service a much-needed boost. interesting that it was not fedex are ups. that is how smart amazon is, and this is how smart the stock is at the moment, up about 1 percent at $3.803. time a business, especially the into the holiday. people want the summit deliveries. well, apart from amazon we have other technology companies on the move as well. let's get to nicole petallides workman from the floor of the nyse-listed. less talk about the tech movers and shakers. >> reporter: let's do that and take a look. of course, one that everybody loves. it is pulling back a little bit today, down 1/3 of 1%. over a thousand dollars. approaching that level. $10.13. keeping a close eye at twitter. the $39 range. let's take it off. such a great run up over 40 percent this year. the analysts loved it.
of that we have the u.s. some prices fell. the case schiller index, that is just over 13% in september from a year ago. a little bit of perspective. home prices rose a modest just under 1%. what does that suggest? may be a slowdown in the works. everyone has wondered about that. housing is not the only bright spot. a handful of retail stocks touching an all-time-. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange to talk about sparkling retailers. >> reporter: the day after thanksgiving. amazon already started their black friday deals. every ten minutes they have some sort of deal. that is really what they're going to see with the holiday season. in the meantime, stocks are doing so well. moving some highs. macy's, tiffany, and walmart as well as limited brands. but you look at these names doing well and touching highs. but also outperforming the s&p 500. but they are still a performers with amazon of over 50% year today. limited branson 38%. tiffany's up 54%. doing so well not only here at home, but also abroad so much so that they raise their full-year numbers. japan and china
in sales for stores open slightly more than a year. the rise was led mostly by the u.s. and europe which offset weakness in japan and the middle east. and if you look at a one-year chart of mcdonald's, well, it's up about 14%. right now shares down about 57 cents or half a percent. it's certainly rare to get a welcome surprise when it comes to job creation these days, but we got it today. 204,000 jobs added during the month of october according to the labor department. that is far better than expected, but what we found also very interesting today is that the news is being taken this time around as good news even though, and let's bring in peter barnes from d.c., it may mean that the fed's free money party may soon be over. >> reporter: yeah, liz. everybody is looking into this report very closely for what the fed might take away from it as far as when it might start tapering its $85 billion a month in quantitative easing bond purchases. corner stomp macro says about the odds of a taper, the odds of a december taper have increased, but the next employment report -- which will be unaffect
it over and look at the u.s. dollar which any day does not know what it is doing. any kind of tightening, dan, would be bullish for the dollar, right? >> ultimately it will be bullish for the economy because people are too fearful of tapering. member we are at quarter percent on rates. at the rock bottom, so they will go out. in most recoveries as rates are going up, also the stock market goes up. initial move will be down, use it as an opportunity. liz: thank you very much. of course she is holding back. that is why we love her. >> why wouldn't she? liz: exactly. thank you for joining us. we need to get to the financials. five years ago the financials, you got us in a big world of trouble. they got us into a big world of trouble with the derivatives and the toxic assets on the book. but one of the world's biggest banks, which has already been hit by a string of scandals is being slammed with another one. believe it or not, it is not a u.s. bank. it is he cleese in the uk. it is dealing a blow to ceo attempts to turn the bank around. barclays telling fox business to top executives have l
and the president complaining the republicans have been using the filibuster too much to block his key nominations, but republicans saying, hey, we -- this is part of the chicks and balances -- checks and balances that were in the constitution and that democrats and the president are just trying to change the conversation from obamacare to something else. take a listen. >> the obstruction we've seen from republicans against president obama has reached new heights never dreamed of, never dreamed of, never even come close in the history of the country. >> this was nothing more than a power grab in order to try to advance the obama administration's regulatory agenda, and, you know, they just broke the senate rules. in order to exercise the power grab. >> reporter: so thousand these types -- now these types of nominations will require just 51 votes to clear the senate, but because the fed is an independent branch of government, i do have a couple of e-mails and calls out to confirm that yellen's confirmation -- her follow nation would fall under this new rule. as soon as we get the answer, liz, we'll
, interrupt us if you get anything more on this. >> look at that language. liz: indeed. and we shall the minute it's out. as we all look for signs that the markets are now recovering and that maybe situations like what we just talked about with jpmorgan are now in the rearview mirror, we're looking at the housing market. it's continued to stabilize after the bubble burst which, of course, nearly brought down the entire financial market. does the secret to stable sietion of the american -- stabilization of the american dream lie in retaining the walls of government-subsidized mortgages? here at the cme's global financial leadership conference in a fox business exclusive, is this afternoon's keynote speaker. he's known as one of the world's greatest capitalists with a scientific mind, mike milliken of the milliken institute. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you, liz. liz: while we were talking in advance of this jpmorgan settlement, you, of course, are no stranger to settlements and issues, you said wait a minute, those mortgage-backed securities back then were aaa rated,
bankruptcy judge today approved the antitrust settlement between the justice department, u.s. airways and american airlines. that in turn paved the way for their merger and clears the regulatory side. it is clear where these airlines can compete and go in the future. let's look at u.s. air with a shares, ticker symbol lc c. we call it that because it is a low-cost carrier up $0.19 or just under 1%. check out of the year to date chart. usairways up from 70%. another reason we have airline stocks higher is oil is going down. the price of light sweet crude dipping below $92 a barrel for the first time since june third. the price tag recovered just a bit. let's take a look. $92.26 because of rising supplies and reduce tensions with iran don't expect a price to go higher unless there is another headline. that is something out of the middle east or something going off line due to a problem with one of the refiners' but you do see this moving significantly to the downside $1.43. everyone is talking about that massive winter storm bearing down on the east coast which could dump as much of as
in restitution. that follows a complaint that mf global unlawfully used customer funds for its needs in the final weeks before its ultimate collapse. well, there are also some positive news in the housing sector, home builder sentiment holding steady at a level of 54 this month. keep in mind, any reading above 50 is a sign of confidence. the data lifting home building stocks today. all right, so let's send it back to nicole petallides covering the action at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: i wanted to take a look at some of the home builders and how they're faring on the news that we've gotten today. so here's a look at names like powellty, lennar, these are some of the better performers in the group. why is this happening? well, you know you get the home builder sentiment in, and that came in at 54, so that continues to show strength, above that 50 number means that more home builders view conditions as good rather than poor. anything below 50 would be bad. so it was slightly less than what some of the analysts were expecting that 55 number, however, you are seeing the group do well. wh
and president of sony computer entertainment, jack trenton, with us lye -- live to tell us how he plans to leave microsoft in the dust. ♪ ♪ and our networks are getting crowded. t if congress, the fcc, and the administration free up... more licensed wireless spectrum, we can empower more... people to novate, create new technoloes and jobs... and strengthen the economy. america is the world's leader in wireless. free up linsed spectrum today, so wireless... let's keep it that way. can do more foamerica tomorrow. ♪ ♪ liz: so kohl's reported weaker same-store sales and missed on earnings and revenue in the third quarter. the stock is among the worst performers in the s&p. see, a power mover can go either way, but down as you see about $4.50, just under 8%, and kohl's third quarter net income, here's the problem, it dropped 18% year other year. the department store cut its full-year outlook warning of a decline in sales during the key holiday shopping season. sales dropped about 1% to $4.4 billion during the quarter. >>> it is the big tech stock story of the day and the big dow jones industr
america, joined us live with one of the consoles on the set. we've been previewing this thing since silicon valley, three days in the valley. so will the new playstation put competitor -- put pressure on debt to haves like microsoft? nicole petallides. >> reporter: no doubt. and i almost feel an expert many this because my family, full of boys, loves it. electronic arts, gamestop, of course, where you go to buy this stuff, act vision right now unchanged at the moment, electronic arts getting beaten down, 6% to the downside. i'm telling you, trust me, take two with interactive, virtually flat at the moment. let's look at sony which got an upgrade yesterday, people have been lining up to buy the playstation 4, certainly going to be on the holiday lists as well, down about half a percent and year to date a great performer, up about 65%. there have been lines outside to buy this thing. amazon has been selling it, and i've got to tell you, you could preorder it at gamestop which is what my family did, and then you get the call at home. liz: keep the shot up, because this is outside what'
to this investigation. this investigation is ongoing. i will give you very few facts today. we're working with the u.s. attorney's office as well as our partners. will not talk about the victim's today. we still have people that we have to be in contact with in the meantime. we're going to bring -- >> officials in los angeles to be as the story that they know so far, and that is tha a loan rifleman carrying an assault rifle earlier today entered los angeles international airport right there that a passenger screening area and opened fire killing at least one person, reportedly another tsa agent. as a another because the report is that the gunman was a former tsa agent. multiple victims, the gunman is apparently dead. cooper pit. speaking very candidly, there were multiple wounds and multiple injuries. as we watched thi terminal 3 d.h., all flights delayed of course which has a domino effects. major airports across the country, particularly jfk and laguardia. we looked at philadelphia. disruption of flights, anyone who ever flies up to lax, they are going to have major delays. flights in the year tryin
absolutely huge, cbs cable, you get the reruns as we used to call them. despite strong earnings, the half full year of looking after reaching the 12 year high, $70.77 the stock started to pull back down $0.64. all we are seeing are records, and the market is overvalue and are ready correction is on the way. follow this guy. warren buffett's relatively simple plan involves simple math had. it has a of warren buffett's bake in a few crucial times over the years and liz macdonald as it for you. the red signal and wind it is blinking right now. and got you when it comes to stock purchases. right out of the gay as we mentioned the dow hit a record high right off the bat. now is on track for its 30 third record close this year alone. with four all stock and jeans, picking these out that his brand new heights. nicole petallides with nike and more. nicole: we talk about the dow jones industrial average, 30 nations that represent different sectors. we are seeing a up arrows, procter and gamble, blank, nike, hit a high earlier today but didn't fall back on all four of these machines hit record intr
giants. peter barnes joining us from capitol hill. he brought us the headlines. what is the texture of the story that matters to our investment viewers? >> the president nominated a democratic congressman to run the federal housing finance agency which is the regulator of fannie mae and freddie mac. fannie and freddie alone or in short $10 trillion in mortgages and $87 billion taxpayer bailout back when the housing market crashed in the financial crisis. republicans blocked the nomination last month. they were concerned this even term congressman didn't have enough experience in business and finance to run the $4 trillion agency. they also feared he would push more loan forgiveness and mortgage refinancings at fannie and freddie, something that the administration has favored but which critics say could cost the taxpayers even more money but now it looks like there will be another vote in the senate and is likely to get the job thanks to the changes in the confirmation rules. >> it works when we can get somebody confirmed to had an agency that has an important role to play when it co
, he will be here in just a few moments, he's running back from the courthouse to tell us what it all means for founder steve cohen and his future managing money. and maybe even some of the other firms that might be now in the crosshairs. the stunning market rally continues right now. the scorecard, s&p 500 up some 24% year-over-year. right to the floor show. the cme group, the nymex and the new york stock exchange. first, we really should talk about what's going on with nicole petallides and the transports. once again we see another record high. >> yeah. it's worth taking a look at the transports. when we see a record high on this particular group, the truckers, the shippers, airlines, railroads, they really are a great economic indicator, and you're seeing some of those names moving to the upside and look at the transportation index up about 1% as we noted. >> yep, indeed. and chris at the cme, i know you watch those transports, but what does it say when you have everyone frommedrailroads to airlines and companies like ups and fedex and the entire market itself which again continues
in december, who knows. liz: there is the december meeting. whether the u.s. dollar. moving to these reaction. you had a front-row seat to the generations here. >> we saw them in stocks and the dollar index. 81.1, it did rise after those minutes were released. that is the highest since september 17 after fears of a possible paper. we are hitting those highs. three basis points away from its highest levels of the year. these are the trades we are seeing in addition to equities. liz: you read the fed minutes that jumped out to you. let's talk about it, does anything change your investment strategy? you have been bullish when it is appropriate to be bullish. >> if there is a little bit of a pullback we would be buying and adding. within the market will grow substantially higher next year on accelerated economic activity. nothing that changes our view on that. emphasizing tapering is not the beginning of interest rate hikes, it is not even the end of easing. it is the beginning of the end of easing. that is the way to think about it. their focus on that 10-year period they will delay tapering aga
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